Mail Event Messages

  • Hello. Who can tell you how to fix event notifications to mail? You need to put ID in the subject of the letter and insert text of the event description in the body of the letter. As a maximum for events related to the OpenVPN, specify the user account in the body of the email.

    P.S. I apologize for my English!

  • My question can be considered in two ways. If this is not implemented, it is better to do such improvement. And it would be nice to implement send data with the ability to forward through a third-party SMTP-Server with the ability to authorize. The ability to send authorized mail will not interfere with the backup section. If this is realized, tell me where and what to adjust.

  • In the etc/notifications folder there is a templates folder with notification templates and there is a configuration file settings.conf.tmpl, but there is a feeling that this is not all used by the notification system. The same folder contains a settings.conf file with minimal notification settings. How do I force the notification system to use templates from the templates folder?