Endian Community 3.0 FINAL DOWNLOAD ISO

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    Download EFW Community 3.0 FINAL
    MD5 f2e744604bdb0b45575704cd798c7590

    Download EFW Community 3.0 SRPMS
    MD5 7810c45e5f91a2ccfb863aaedc3f20ed

    Für alle die sich jetzt wundern, warum beim Download das File immer noch -devel- beinhaltet,
    gab es diese Erklärung von Endian:


    Yes it is because 3.0 Community will be always bleeding edge so made by
    devel channel.
    But devel channel now is not the trunk development channel but a frozen

    Details zu den Änderungen:

    ** Improvement
    * [UTM-829] - UTM-828 Disable direct client communication when
    multiple processes is enabled
    * [UTM-811] - Optimize memory usage of urlfilter categories by
    removing those which are not used
    * [UTM-810] - Optimize memory usage by using 'file' instead of
    'hash' for urlfilter lookup tables
    * [UTM-739] - Connections page for VPN users: backend
    * [UTM-733] - Reflect in GUI transitioning states of IPsec
    * [CORE-685] - Make Apply, Notification and Error box grow with
    * [CORE-629] - Update Intel network drivers
    * [CORE-553] - Configurable logs for trusted timestamping

    ** Bugfix
    * [UTM-806] - When clamd is not running when c-icap is starting
    and needs clamd, c-icap does not have a virus
    engine and let all pass.
    * [UTM-805] - Squid need also to be restarted when a file in
    /etc/squid/squid.conf.d/ changed
    * [UTM-804] - c-icap does not start when clamAV is enabled
    instead of Panda Antivirus
    * [UTM-803] - ClamAV safebrowsing is still enabled also if
    * [UTM-798] - c-icap uses a very large amount of memory
    * [UTM-795] - Providers associated to a scope are lost, syncing
    * [UTM-782] - Virus engine for amavis is failing due to
    unexpected exit code 255
    * [UTM-775] - Duplicated lable in DNS Routing page
    * [UTM-771] - Error signing a certificate request
    * [UTM-742] - Disabling IPsec Net-to-Net connection displays
    the status as if it was Connected or Connecting
    * [UTM-728] - Application Control works only with source ANY
    * [UTM-702] - HTTP Proxy issues
    * [UTM-698] - Unable to download the content filter signatures
    * [UTM-697] - IPsec 3.0 migration missing
    * [CORE-472] - Remote authentication reply can contain binary
    * [CORE-462] - Swap partition dimension reorganization
    * [CORE-423] - Wrong baud rate on software appliance
    * [CORE-316] - Values of default settings files are not read
    when job uses get_config()
    * [COMMUNITY-53] - /var/log/fifo/dansguardian is not a fifo
    * [COMMUNITY-45] - ISSUU slow with Internet Explorer
    * [CORE-591] - Logrotate removes archives older than 7 days
    automatically for most daemons
    * [CORE-672] - Emi commands ignores all but the first param of a
    param list after the first request
    * [CORE-651] - In System Status some sub categories disappear
    when navigating to VPN connections
    * [CORE-644] - Some log files are not rotated
    * [CORE-642] - Kernel kmalloc traceback in /var/log/messages
    * [CORE-639] - Log timestamping doesn't use correctly the
    pattern variable
    * [CORE-638] - Freezings and reboots caused by out of memory
    * [CORE-631] - Default gateway is lost after adding an uplink on
    the same interface the main one is using
    * [UTM-595] - OpenVPN user migration
    * [UTM-593] - OpenVPN server GUI
    * [UTM-591] - OpenVPN server backend
    * [UTM-590] - VPN authentication management (service) GUI
    * [UTM-589] - VPN authentication backend GUI
    * [UTM-588] - VPN user groups GUI
    * [UTM-587] - VPN user groups support for remote providers
    * [UTM-586] - VPN user groups support for local backend
    * [UTM-585] - VPN user groups backend
    * [UTM-527] - Outgoing IP address configuration for each domain